Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Not doing their homework
Forcing themselves to get their "product knowledge and comparisons" from automobile salespeople. They are bad teachers!!

Neglecting to test drive the model they want to buy
Always, always, always drive the vehicle. Don't take anyone else's word for how it handles. This includes friends, family, and car salespeople!

Leasing a vehicle because its the "modern" thing to do
Leasing may or may not be the right avenue for you. Investigate all your options before you commit.

Spending too much time "price comparing" and not enough "model comparing"
a great price on a bad vehicle does not make a good deal.

Assuming that the dealer will get them a good deal on the financing
This is one of the biggest pitfalls when buying a car (and a very expensive one).

Buying the wrong model because it is the right color
Sounds simple, but a lot of people will focus so strongly on color that they miss the vehicle that is under that fancy paint!

Not preparing their current vehicle
whether it be for trade-in or to resell on their own. No one wants to buy a dirty car or truck, whether it be a dealership or a private individual.

Buying add ons and accessories from the dealer
most of which is added to boost the profit of the vehicle. You generally can do this on your own much more economically and get better quality.

Not having enough information at their disposal
believing that past experience is enough ammunition in today's market. This can be one of the worst mistakes a car buyer can make. The automotive market is constantly changing and the prepared buyer is the successful one (and the one with more money in their pocket!) There are links to numerous sources of additional information on this Web Site...take advantage of them.

Giving up the savings they made on the purchase when it comes to the ownership of the car
to avoid this, Getting control of these costs can only enhance your long term savings.