Car Insurance Guide

Back in the late 1890's when the first U.S. automobile insurance policy was purchased, there were barely 100 cars on the streets, nationwide. Horses and carriages traveled the roads, and the main concern then for both insurers and auto drivers was any injury those noisy new machines might do to horses.

Today a motor vehicle accident occurs every second. Auto accidents cause an injury every 14 seconds, and every 13 minutes a car accident results in a fatality. More than 31 million accidents occur per year, at an annual cost of almost $100 billion. Theft and vandalism are other major perils facing drivers, In fact, every 20 seconds another vehicle is stolen.

With more than 150 million drivers and 160 million registered vehicles on the road today, auto insurance is the most widely purchased of all property-liability insurance. Drivers buy auto insurance for economic protection against theft, vandalism, and other risks, but few are familiar with the ins and outs of their particular policy.

This guide was designed by the Independent Insurance Agents of America to make it easier for you to know your insurance needs and the many options available to you. Though this guide does not represent the provisions of any particular policy, it should serve as a starting point on your road to finding the best policy for your needs.

Delivery services are frequently using the quickest modes of transport these days, whether it's pizza or parcels you're delivering. If you use several cars or vehicles for your business, it's worth looking into specialist courier insurance options in order to provide the best premiums and most comprehensive cover.

As one of the top three insurance groups in the word and over 140 support staff in Northern Ireland alone, Axa are the perfect for Northern Irish residents looking for motor, home or van insurance. Based in Belfast, they offer a range of contact points so that you find the deal that suits you. Whether you make contact via the website, over the phone or face to face in one of ten local branches, Axa’s wealth of experience will help find the right deal for you.

Car insurance guide

   Why do I need auto insurance?
   What are the different types of policies & what cover?
   Why and how are policies priced for different drivers?
   How does where I live affect my premium?

   What is "no-fault" insurance?
   Do all states require some kind of liability insurance?
   Why would my insurer cancel my policy?

   How do I keep my insurance company from canceling my policy?
   What steps can I take to reduce my rates?
   How does adding drivers to my policy affect my rates?
   Who's watching the insurance companies?
   Do I always need to buy insurance when I rent a car?

   What happens when I loan my car to someone?
   Am I covered for natural disasters or "Acts of God"?

   What actually happens when I report an accident?
   Do I need special insurance for a classic car?