Safety on the Road

This topic focuses on road safety. The knowledge base covers institutional responsibility of road safety, the development of a road safety action plan, raising awareness and understanding of road safety problems, road crash data systems, road safety education and training, enforcement of traffic laws, and monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of road safety activities. You can read more about safety on the road by clicking on the following sections:

Safety on the Road Child Passenger Safety
   How do I safely buckle my kids?
   How do I select and install a safety seat?
   What are the child restraint laws in my state?
   What is "Partners for Child Passenger Safety"?

Auto Theft & Crash Tests
   Highest Auto Claim Frequencies
   Cars Stolen Most Often in 2002
   SUV Crash Tests

Driver Behavior
   Drinking and Driving Danger
   Cell Phone Use
   Aggressive Driving: Asking for Trouble
   Aggressive Driving Facts
   Are You an Aggressive Driver?
   Safety and Preventive Measures
   Preparing your Teen to Drive
   The Car, The Road, and You
   When Bumpers Meet Antlers