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Health Insurance What is a Health Insurance?
It's a fact of life you need health insurance and the time to get it is before you have an accident, suffer a serious illness, or discover you're pregnant. Insurance doesn't cover health care for medical problems or conditions that start before the moment you have your policy. Finding adequate coverage may seem overwhelming, but knowing the basics can help make your search less stressful.

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Health care in America is changing rapidly. Twentyfive years ago, most people in the United States had indemnity insurance coverage. A person with indemnity insurance could go to any doctor, hospital, or other provider (which would bill for each service given), and the insurance and the patient would each pay part of the bill.
Disability Income Plan

Disability Income Plan

Could you continue to pay your bills if you were unable to work for any length of time because of illness or injury? If you were to become disabled, do you know how much money would be coming in each month and from what sources?
Health at Work

Health at Work

You don't have to work on a building site for your job to affect your health; even the more sedentary occupations can be a risk. RSI, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and eye problems can all be avoided if you're aware of the causes and do your best to minimise them.