Your Health at Work

Physical Health at Work
You don't have to work on a building site for your job to affect your health; even the more sedentary occupations can be a risk. RSI, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and eye problems can all be avoided if you're aware of the causes and do your best to minimise them. If you want to avoid this health risk, you must pay attention to some reccommendations.

Before finding the job, you can avoid these risks by mentioning some details in the cover letter as the satisfaction of working in a job where health issues like those above are taken care of. All you need to know about covering letters you can find in some useful resources on internet.

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Your health at work    Workstations
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   Back problems
   Preventing and managing work-related back pain

   Repetitive strain injury
   How repetitive computer work can cause to RSI

   Carpal tunnel
   Why keyboard use can affect your arm muscles

   How environmental factors can trigger migraines

   Eye problems
   Adjusting your work station to avoid damaging your eyes

   Shift work
   Advice on how to avoid insomnia and fatigue

   Sick building syndrome
   How some buildings can actually make us feel ill