How Much Disability Income Will You Need?

How Much Disability Income Will You Need?

Add up all the benefits you are entitled to under the public and private programs mentioned, along with the monthly income you could count on from other sources such as your savings. If the total approaches your required income after taxes, you can assume that, should total disability strike, you would be able to pay your day-to-day bills while recuperating. You must remember that eligibility for Social Security disability benefits are contingent upon your disability being expected to last for at least 12 months. If the total from employer benefits, Social Security, and other programs along with your own resources will not be close to your pre-disability, after-tax income and will not be adequate to support your family, you will want to consider buying additional disability insurance to make up the difference.

The amount of long-term disability you may receive through your employer's group plan or your personal insurance benefits may be reduced by the amount of Social Security or other government benefits that may be paid.

A special note for employers

If you are your own employer, consider a group policy for you and your employees. If you are a sole practitioner, or if you work for a business that does not provide benefits under a group policy, an individual policy is a good idea. After all, if you do not receive benefits, your entire business may suffer.

An agent can be helpful
Whether you are an employee or an employer, your insurance agent can help analyze your sources of disability income, determine waiting periods for various benefits, and determine whether additional coverage would be wise.