Important Components

What Is Most Important to Me in a Plan?

In choosing a plan, you have to decide what is most important to you. All plans have tradeoffs. Ask yourself these questions:
  • How comprehensive do I want coverage of health care services to be?
  • How do I feel about limits on my choice of doctors or hospitals?
  • How do I feel about a primary care doctor referring me to specialists for additional care?
  • How convenient does my care need to be?
  • How important is the cost of services?
  • How much am I willing to spend on premiums and other health care costs?
  • How do I feel about keeping receipts and filing claims?
You might also want to think about whether the services a plan offers meet your needs. Call the plan for details about coverage if you have questions. Consider:
  • Life changes you may be thinking about, such as starting a family or retiring.
  • Chronic health conditions or disabilities that you or family members have.
  • If you or anyone in your family will need care for the elderly.
  • Care for family members who travel a lot, attend college, or spend time at two homes.