Why you need a Homeowner Insurance

Why you need a Homeowner Insurance?

The largest single investment most consumers make is in their home. The consumer can protect his or her home, possessions, and liability with a homeowner’s insurance policy.

In addition to its availability to homeowners, similar coverage is available to those who rent homes or apartments. These policies are referred to as tenants’ or renters’ homeowner’s policies. If you are a renter, you do not need protection against damage to the building itself, but you do need protection against damage to or theft of your personal property and liability in the event someone falls or gets hurt on the part of the premises you rent.

A condominium owner may purchase a condominium homeowner’s policy to insure personal property. Some policies may also include any additions or alterations not insured by the condominium association. It is important to check with your condominium association and your agent before buying a policy to make sure you are adequately covered.