Lightning Nearby

Lightning Nearby

When There is Lightning Nearby
  • Do not use the telephone except in an emergency.
  • Stay away from electrical appliances, TVs, fireplaces, metal objects, windows, or doors.
  • Seek shelter immediately in an enclosed building or vehicle.
  • If you cannot find shelter, find a low lying area, crouch down with feet together and hands on your knees until the storm is over.
  • Avoid isolated trees, high ground, bodies of water, or large open areas.
  • If someone is injured, administer first aid if you are qualified to do so, and call for emergency help. You cannot be "shocked" by someone who has been hit by lightning.
Properly installed surge protection devices (SPDs), combined with a good grounding system, should protect your electronic and electrical appliances from all but the most severe electrical surges. An SPD does not suppress or arrest a surge; it actually diverts the surge to the ground. This explains why a good grounding system is important for surge protection.

Only lightning induced surges are covered by homeowners insurance.

Each time a surge occurs, the damage to the electronic or electrical appliance accumulates, weakening the appliance components until they finally fail.

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