Surge Protection

How to Choose Surge Protection for Your Home

You may not realize it, but your stereo system, home computer, television, VCR, microwave oven -- anything with internal electronic circuits -- is under attack every day. The attacks are silent, but destructive.

The culprit -- POWER SURGES. Power surges are extremely brief spikes in electrical power that burn up the electrical circuits inside appliances and electronics. For more detail about what power surges are and where they come from, read Facts about Power Surges.

Not only can power surges destroy appliances and electronics, they can ruin electrical outlets, light switches, light bulbs, air conditioner components, and garage door openers. How can you protect yourself?

Surge protection devices can prevent the damages from most power surges. There are two types:
  • Service entrance surge protection device, which is mounted at or near the incoming electrical service
  • Point-of-use surge protection device, which is used at the appliance being protected and includes the type of surge protectors that plug into a wall outlet