Maintenance of Your Woodburner

Maintenance of Your Woodburner

Keeping your woodburning system maintained is important. Solid fuel units require more maintenance than other types of heating systems. Regular maintenance is vital to their efficiency and safe operation. Although professional maintenance is recommended at least annually, there are some areas you should review on a regular basis.
  • Look for cracks or breaks in the joints or welds of the unit. If you find any, have a qualified professional repair them immediately. Discontinue using the unit until the repairs are made and the problem is corrected.
  • Check the condition of your firebrick liner in your stove (if applicable). If the liner appears to be wearing out, replace it immediately and discontinue use until the liner is replaced.
  • A stovepipe can deteriorate and should be replaced if it is suspected of burning out. Be sure that the joints are securely fastened together with screws.
Home Protection

Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
These detectors are desirable for any home, and may be required by local ordinance. They are especially important if you have a solid fuel-burning appliance. Place detectors throughout the house as the manufacturer recommends. Make sure the unit is UL listed or Factory Mutual (FM) approved, and that they are tested regularly.

Fire Extinguishers
In addition, place a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the same room as the solid fuel burning unit. The fire extinguisher should be UL listed or Factory Mutual (FM) approved and have a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C. The extinguisher should be checked regularly.

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