Working from Home

Working from home

You need to look closely at the policies on offer if, for example, you work from home.

Some insurers automatically cover up to 5,000 of home office equipment. This kind of cover built into a standard policy should be fine if you work alone and at your computer, but if your employment involves specialist equipment, or you employ other people, you need to speak to insurers about more specialist cover.

Valuable items

If you have valuable items you may need to add extra cover, or consider a separate policy, as most policies cover valuable individual items only up to a specified limited.

Items that are particularly tempting to thieves - for example laptop computers that are frequently taken out of the house - may be better covered under a separate policy.

This is because, if you have the computer stolen and make a claim, you may find your home insurance premium goes up as a result.

Keeping the cover separate means you wont pay more to cover the rest of your property because youve had something stolen outside your home.