Flight Accident

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, known as AD&D insurance, pays you, or your beneficiary (or your estate if you do not name a beneficiary) a lump sum benefit (e.g., $500,000) when an accident results in your death or the loss of a limb or the loss of your eyesight. There are 3 major types of Travel AD&D insurance:
  • Flight Accident AD&D insurance pays a benefit only for accidents involving an airplane during the coverage period.
  • Common Carrier AD&D insurance pays a benefit only for accidents involving a common carrier during the coverage period.
  • 24-Hour AD&D pays a benefit for accidents that occur for any reason during the coverage period.
AD&D is often included with Travel Medical insurance and Trip Protection plans, but unlike baggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance, it is also sold separately.

"Common Carrier" means any licensed land, water, or air conveyance operated by those whose occupation or business is the transportation of persons without discrimination and for hire (e.g., airplane, train, bus, subway, tram, ferry, cruise ship, taxi, limo, etc.).

AD&D insurance usually covers Terrorism, but some plans require the payment of additional premium for a Terrorism Rider. War is usually excluded, but War Risk AD&D insurance is available at a high cost, and you must complete a special application with details about your trip itinerary and activities.