Policy checklist

So what should you look for in a travel insurance policy? Levels of cover vary widely, but the Consumers’ Association recommends that you should have:
  • at least $1m of medical cover in Europe
  • at least $2m in the States and the rest of the world
  • at least $1,500 baggage and belongings cover - and watch out for policies which limit the amount you can claim for any one item. Check that the total covers you for what you’re actually taking abroad.
  • Personal liability of at least $1m, to cover you if you cause injury or damage
  • Compensation for trips which may be cancelled or curtailed – and the costs of getting you home in an emergency
  • A 24-hour emergency line, and cover for your legal costs as well
  • Membership of the Financial Ombudsman Service, in case you need to complain – the Ombudsman can intervene and make your insurer settle.